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Gasping syndrome manifests itself in children under the age of 1 year (more often in premature babies) and is characterized by a serious condition with respiratory depression, metabolic acidosis, purpura, and encephalopathy. The child has a change in metabolic processes, hemodynamics and blood microcirculation. Due to the increase in the volume of red blood cells circulating in the blood, the total volume of blood increases significantly.

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As a result of tissue hypoxia, hemorrhages occur in the brain, heart, liver, kidneys, and adrenal glands. The blood pressure and the number of heart contractions decrease, the urinary function of the kidneys is disturbed. Gasping syndrome. complex in simple words. Gasping syndrome is a pathology of newborns under the age of one year, characterized by impaired respiratory function and sudden attacks of suffocation. The exact causes are unknown, but there is a theory that benzyl alcohol poisoning can affect the appearance of this syndrome.

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How does gasping breathing work? Syndrome signs. It is terrible that this syndrome is a dying state. When the baby's body is on the verge of life and death. Hypoxia has worsened so much that neurons do not respond to external stimuli. In this case, the following symptoms of the disease appear.

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How to cure gasping syndrome? It is more correct to say to eliminate the pathology. Will become effectiveonly urgent measures aimed at restoring the function of respiration, blood circulation and other important systems for restoring the vital functions of the body of a newborn child.

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prednisolone factors that increase the likelihood of gasping syndrome. Since this is an emergency, there is no time to ask the medical staff or the mother. The doctor can independently see the manifestations based on the clinical picture.

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Scabies has been known in human society since antiquity and remains the most common parasitic skin disease. In a lecture based on the analysis of literary sources and on their own observations, the authors describe in detail the history of the disease, the clinical picture and its features in children and adults, and also give a detailed description of the main acaricidal drugs. Key words. scabies, children, diagnostics, acaricidal therapy, spregal. Scabies has been known since ancient times and remains the most common parasitic disease of the skin. The lecture based on an analysis of the literature and authentic observations contains a full history of the disease, its clinical picture and specific features in children and adults, and also gives detailed characteristics of main acaricide drugs. Key words. scabies, children, diagnosis, acaricide therapy, spregal.

Scabious rash is characterized by true polymorphism and includes elements caused by the direct action of the tick, and secondary rashes.

To identify the moves, lubrication of the skin with aniline paint, 2% iodine solution, 0.1% sodium fluorescein solution is used. Although a live tick can sometimes be seen even with the naked eye, microscopy of scrapings orthe call of gatherings is necessary, while adults, larvae, nymphs, egg shells, and molted skins are found. A positive lab test for a tick is required to complete an Emergency Notice.

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Differential diagnosis is carried out with dermatitis (contact, tick-borne, infantile seborrheic and atopic), dyshidrosiform eczema, strophulus, papular urticaria, pediculosis, insect bites, and other itchy skin lesions in children. Modern scabicides (and insecticides) act as neurotoxic poisons on mites. These include.

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The choice of drugs depends on their potential toxicity, allergenicity and irritant properties. Toxicity depends on the resorption of the acaricide from the skin into the systemic circulation, the rate of metabolism and excretion of the drug. The absorption capacity is more pronounced in lipophilic drugs. lindane is absorbed in an amount of 10% of the dose applied to the skin, is slowly metabolized, excreted in the urine for more than 5 days, and can accumulate in lipid-rich tissues and the brain.

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When using malathion, 8% of the drug applied to the skin is absorbed. Permethrin poorly penetrates the skin - less than 2% of the applied dose, is rapidly metabolized and excreted. Sulfur, benzyl benzoate and crotamiton are not absorbed. To prevent the toxic effect of scabicide on humans, its concentration in the preparation is reduced without reducing the effectiveness of the latter. To do this, they produce combined products by adding a substance that blocks the protective enzymes of the tick to the scabicide.


Acaricidal preparations used in pediatric dermatology.

On an outpatient basis, adults and older children are prescribed an inexpensive drug - 10% or 20% benzyl benzoate emulsion or Spregal, and small children - Spregal.